Zanzibar tourism minister resigns

By Lake Zone Watch writer

The Zanzibar Minister for Tourism and Antiquities Simai Mohamed Said has resigned from his post, citing what he described as an “unfriendly atmosphere” in the execution of his duties.

In a resignation letter he wrote to President Dr Hussein Mwinyi yesterday, the minister said he had arrived “at this difficult decision which isn’t quite simple in our culture” because of the prevailing unconducive working environment in the performance of his duties.

He could not go into details of the unfavourable work climate but said his belief is that the number one duty of the president’s assistants, including ministers, is to help the Head of State to implement the ruling party (CCM) manifesto.

He said when a difficult situation arises impeding the smooth implementation of that key responsibility for the welfare of the people, “it is advisable to seek a quick solution by staying aside.”

“I have arrived at this difficult decision to stay aside to allow the work of bringing development to the people to continue,” he emphasized.

He thanked President Mwinyi for appointing him to that senior post, pledging to remain loyal to him and the ruling Chama Cha Mapinduzi.

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