TAWIRI urged to seek solutions to human-wildlife conflicts

By Lake Zone Watch Writer

The government has urged the Tanzania Wildlife Research Institute
(TAWIRI) to direct its research efforts towards finding solutions to the emerging human-wildlife conflicts for the good of the development of the tourism industry.

“You should conduct your studies towards solving the prevailing challenges in wildlife conservation for the benefit of the development of tourism,” Minister of Natural Resources and Tourism Angellah Kairuki said.

Opening the 14th International Scientific Conference in Arusha on Thursday this week , the minister urged TAWIRI to devote its energy towards dealing with the loss of wildlife settlements, the blocking of animal paths, diseases, the invasion of alien plants and the decreasing animal population in some isolated areas.

The minister said the existence of many leading conservation areas in Tanzania such as Serengeti and Ngorongoro is a result of long-term research.

TAWIRI was also directed to carry out strategic studies in the southern tourist zone to facilitate the growth of tourism like it is in the northern zone.

The minister supported a proposal to launch a special fund to boost TAWIRI’s research activities.

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