Tanzanian girl graduates with flying colours in UK

By Lake Zone Watch Writer

Working hard, determination and self discipline were the guiding principles during the time of studies at university, resulting in excellent performance for Bhoke Nyambari Nyangwine (second from the left) who has just graduated from Manchester University in the UK.

Aged 21, Bhoke is now a proud holder of a Bachelor of Laws Degree (First class, with honors), an achievement any student would love to possess.

In an interview with Lake Zone Watch yesterday, Bhoke said she spent most of her time on books and course work with great determination to succeed.

“Being the only African student in a class of 80 students wasn’t so easy. I had to put extra efforts in my studies and avoid being distracted by peers,’’ said Bhoke.

The now fresh Manchester University graduate is aware of the volatile situation of girl children in some parts of Tanzania including Mara region and urges parents to make sure girls get education.

“I thank my parents for investing in my education, and I’m happy I have not disappointed them,’’ says Bhoke, calling on parents and even aid organizations to give equal education opportunities to both boys and girls.

Bhoke Nyambari Nyangwine attended primary and secondary school at Dar es Salaam Independent School (DIS) before joining the University of Manchester.

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