Tanzania to host 12th Mara Day celebrations

By Lake Zone Watch writer

Tanzania will host the Mara Day celebrations scheduled from 12th September to 15th September, 2023, in Mugumu Town, Serengeti District in Mara Region, according to latest information from Lake Victoria Basin Commission (LVBC).

The theme of this year’s Mara Day Celebrations is: Conserving Mara River Basin for Biodiversity and Sustainable Economy.

Mara Day is held on September 15 every year with different themes aimed at promoting sustainable conservation of the transboundary river which is shared between Tanzania and Kenya.

The transboundary river starts in the Mau forests on the Kenyan side and then flows through Masai Mara Game Reserves and Serengeti National Park before emptying into Lake Victoria n in Tanzania.

The 10th sectorial council of ministers for Lake Victoria Basin held in the Rwandan capital Kigali in May 2012 declared every September 15 to be “Mara Day. “

Since then, Tanzania and Kenya have been celebrating the day on a rotational basis .

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