Russian ambassador: Sublimation tech is Africa ‘s way forward in business


In solving the food problem, the introduction of freeze-drying technology will create additional jobs in logistics, marketing, trade and production in the agricultural sector in Tanzania if that model will be adopted, a point of discussion between Tanzania and Russia investment experts.

The Russian delegation headed by Yuri Korobov, member of the General Council, Business Russia Business Ambassador to Tanzania met on September 25 and agreed that investors from abroad will get chance to do businesses in Tanzania.

Yuri Korobov, Head of the Tver Regional Department of Business Russia, “We thank our Tanzanian colleagues for the warm welcome and cordiality. I am glad that our partnership relations are getting stronger every day, and new joint goals and interests are emerging. I am sure that the project that interests Tanzania will soon bring excellent results.”

Experts say the use of drying technology will help increase exports and increase tax revenues to the country’s budget, and consequently, improve the standard of living of the population of Tanzania.

Ana Manganino, a representative of the Ministry of Agriculture , ” Despite the fact that the agricultural sector has shown steady growth in recent years, we face a number of issues that require partnership work. The freeze-drying technology offered by our Russian colleagues solves many issues-from energy saving to waste recycling.”

Africa has recently been at the center of attention of international business leaders. The continent’s enormous potential for development is becoming an integral part of entrepreneurial strategies.

The Russia-Africa Summit held in July demonstrated that the countries of the African continent and the Russian Federation are striving to develop equal and open cooperation in the field of economy and culture. In this regard, the visit of Russian entrepreneurs to Tanzania was an important event.

John Matthew Mnali, Director of Investment Development at the Tanzania Investment Center (TIC) said, “Our country is a peaceful and politically stable country, which guarantees investment security and the absence of commercial and non-commercial risks.

The Tanzania Investment Center represents a number of government agreements that protect the interests of entrepreneurs, as well as programs and offers for investors. We are open and ready for a mutually beneficial and open partnership.”

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