Roman Catholic priest murdered in Arusha

By Lake Zone Watch Writer

A Roman Catholic priest was killed in Arusha yesterday by an assailant who forcebly demanded to enter the church ostensibly for morning prayer.

Arusha Police Commander Justine Masejo confirmed the incident and named the priest as Fr Pamphili Nada and the murder suspect as Romani Leonard (30) who was also killed by an angry mob.

“The priest died as he was being rushed to the hospital, while the murder suspect was killed by angry people who had witnessed him attacking the priest,” said the RPC.

The motive of the killing is yet to be established, but an eye witness said the assailant appeared mentally healthy, though he suddenly threw a tantrum, demanding the church door be opened for him.

When Fr Nada responded by opening the door, Leonard attacked him using an iron bar that was lying around the main door.

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