RC Mtanda pledges cooperation with Sauti ya Mara newspaper

By Lake Zone Watch Writer

Mara Regional Commissioner Said Mohamed Mtanda has pledged full cooperation with Sauti ya Mara Newspaper in promoting economic and social development opportunities in the region, which is endowed with abundant natural resources, including minerals, Serengeti National Park, Lake Victoria, and a rich arable land producing Arabica coffee, which has high ratings in the world market.

RC Mtanda made the pledge during a meeting with editors of the paper Mugini Jacob and Christopher Gamaina in Tarime today.The RC particularly commended Mugini saying he deserved support from the government to make his creativity inspire development in Mara Region and the nation as a whole.

“ Sauti ya Mara is doing very well and I can see you are supporting the government’s efforts in development for the benefit of the people. We, in the government pledge cooperation,’’ said the RC in the meeting which was also attended by Tarime District Commissioner Col. Michael Mtenjele and Chairman of Tarime Town Council Daniel Komote.

He asked leaders of all district councils in Mara Region to continue supporting the paper in order to fulfill its obligation to the public.

Sauti ya Mara has two sister media outlets, namely Mara Online and Lake Zone Watch published in English. On his part, Mugini told the RC that the media outlets will continue informing the public while observing utmost professionalism through features and articles that inspire rural development.

The sectors given prominence in the articles are human development, conservation, tourism, water, fisheries, education, agriculture, roads, and infrastructure. RC Mtanda later toured other districts in Mara Region and addressed councillors in Tarime Town Council and Tarime District Council.

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