Rains wreak havoc at Lyasembe village in Musoma Rural constituency

By Lake Zone Watch Writer

A total of 685 residents of Lyasembe village in Murangi ward, Musoma Rural constituency, have been affected following the destruction of their houses by the on-going long rains last Friday April 5.

The office of the Musoma Rural constituency Member of Parliament has reported that the rains have displaced 301 adults and 384 children following the destruction of 78 houses that include classrooms.

The Lyasembe village government has appealed for assistance to the affected victims including the repair of classrooms to enable pupils to continue with their studies.

Lyasembe Primary School, opened in 1975, has 811 pupils under the tutelage of only 10 teachers, all under the roof of 21 classrooms.

The Musoma Rural Member of Parliament, Prof Sospeter Muhongo, with the assistance of the Lyasembe Primary School board has mobilised the public and other education stakeholders to contribute financial support and materials towards the building or repairing classrooms.

Musoma District Commissioner Dr Khalfany Haule and Prof Muhongo visited Lyasembe village to assess the damage caused by the rains.

Musoma is one of the districts in the Tanzanian’s Mara region bordering Lake Victoria.

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