Local investor gold refinery declared finest plant globally

By Lake Zone Watch Writer

Geita Gold Refinery (GGR), owned by an indigenous Tanzanian investor, Sarah Masasi, has placed Tanzania in the international market of the best gold refineries in the world, Minister for Minerals Anthony Mavunde said yesterday.

The state-of-the-art gold plant has won the International Organisation for Standardisation (ISO) certification of clean environment, clean reputation and clean sourcing. It is the first automated refinery in Tanzania and the most modern in Africa.

The minister directed the Permanent Secretary in his ministry, Kheri Mahimbali, to organise a meeting bringing together all stakeholders with mining licenses to discuss how local gold refineries can obtain enough raw materials.

Mavunde, who visited the GGR pavilion at the ongoing Geita Mining and Technology Exhibition, also directed a newly-constituted team of experts from the Bank of Tanzania (BoT), Ministry of Minerals, representatives of artisanal miners and owners of mineral refineries to prepare a comprehensive report outlining the best way of acquiring raw materials and the participation of the central bank in helping the artisanal miners in gold mining.

He said part of the refined gold from local plants would be bought by BoT.

On her part, GGR owner, Sarah Masasi, thanked government’s assistance from the beginning of the factory construction to its completion, leading to the production of the best refined gold in the world whose quality is measured at 999.9.

“We’re ready to work with all miners in refining their gold at this factory to the level of international standards,” she said.

Geita Urban Member of Parliament, Constantine Kanyasu, said he wished the GGR investor success, appealing to government to help her achieve that goal.

He called for more research on the availability of gold riches so that more miners are involved in the activity to feed the refinery plants.

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