Kenya Airways plane intercepted and diverted from Heathrow to Stansted

Essex, England

A Nairobi to Heathrow flight was intercepted by RAF fighters and diverted to Stansted Airport over a “potential security threat”.

A London Stansted spokeswoman said the Kenya Airways Boeing 787 “landed safely with Essex Police in attendance”.

“The aircraft was escorted to a remote parking stand with normal flight operations now continuing,” she said.

The plane was diverted to Stansted just before 15:45 BST but Essex Police said the incident had now been “stood down”.

Officers said inquiries established there was nothing of concern and they handed the plane back to the airport.

A Ministry of Defence (MoD) spokesman said: “RAF Typhoon fighter aircraft from RAF Coningsby were launched as a precaution this afternoon to investigate a civilian aircraft which was approaching the UK.

“The civilian aircraft remained in contact with air traffic controllers throughout, and was escorted to Stansted Airport where it landed safely. This incident is now under the control of the civilian authorities.”

Essex Police said: “A flight travelling from Nairobi to Heathrow was diverted to Stansted this afternoon. The airport remains open.”

Source: BBC News

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