Kemanyanki Cup competition to discourage youth from invading North Mara gold mine

By Lake Zone Watch Writer

Kemanyanki Company of Tarime District in Mara Region is hosting a football competition with the aim of inspiring the youth to engage in lawful income activities and stop invading North Mara Gold mine.

The tournament, dubbed Kemanyanki Cup, kicked off at Ingwe Secondary School grounds in Nyamongo township, a couple of kilometres from the gold mine.

“We would like to show the youth that there are many opportunities for them to earn a living, thus they should shun intrusion of the gold mine,’’the Kemanyanki Company Managing Director, Mr Nicolaus Mgaya said, soon after launching the competition.

Some 12 football teams from all 11 villages surrounding the gold mine, which is run in a partnership between Barrick Corporation and the government of Tanzania through Twiga Minerals, will participate in the competition, according to Mgaya.

“The aim is to strengthen our good relations, to let the youth understand that there are many opportunities at Barrick North Mara and also to showcase KemanyankiCompany activities, resulting from offers from the gold mine and their benefits to the youth and the community as a whole,’’ Mgaya, who is one of the local area youths, holding a university degree said.

Also, the competition will provide a forum for the youth to exchange ideas for their own good and the community surrounding the gold mine.

Kemanyanki Cup competition was flagged off by the Councillor for Nyamwaga Ward, Mr Mwita Magige, and is scheduled to run for two weeks.

The final match will be played next month.

Councilor Magige seized the opportunity to congratulate Kenyamanki for being exemplary, saying that the local company has been employing locals and that was something other companies ought to emulate.

“ The winner in the competition will take home 700,000/- while the first runner-up will pocket 400,000/-, and 300,000/- will go to the second runner-up. The rest of the teams will be rewarded with sports jersey,’’ Mgaya elaborated.

Kemanyanki is one of the local companies contracted for various services at Barrick North Gold Mine.

“We offer environmental sanitation services and construction works at North Mara gold mine. Besides, our company is also engaged in poultry, pig farming, and horticulture, where we plant vegetables and fruits,’’ said Ms Celina Mkaro, Kemanyanki Contractor Human Resource Officer.

Ms Mkaro said the company often hires the youth from villages surrounding the gold mine so they are able to earn a living.

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