Israel-Palestinian conflict: Tanzanian student confirmed dead, another missing

By Lake Zone Watch writer

A Tanzanian student who went to Israel for agricultural studies is reported to have died following the on-going Israel-Palestine conflict which has claimed the lives of thousands of people, it has been reported.

The student, identified as Clemence Felix Mtenga, is one of the two Tanzanian students whose whereabouts were unknown in in the current Israel-Palestinian conflict which erupted early October.

Tanzania’s foreign ministry reported on Friday that Mtenga was among 260 students who went to Israel for a co-operation programme on agricultural studies between the two countries.

Diplomatic relations between Tanzania and Israel go back to the early 1960s when the latter won independence from Britain on December 9, 1961.

A statement issued by the foreign ministry on Friday said the two countries are co-operating to return the body of the deceased student while the whereabouts of another Tanzanian student, Joseph Mollel, is not known.

“The Ministry of Foreign Affairs wants to assure all Tanzanians in the diaspora and students studying abroad that it would ensure their safety wherever they are,” the statement released yesterday said.

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