Intrusion into North Mara Gold Mine results in one death

By Lake Zone Watch Writer

One person has died following the intrusion of the North Mara Gold Mine by a gang of unscrupulous people on Thursday this week.

A statement issued yesterday by Barrick Tanzania said that close to midnight on July 13, 2023, approximately thirty armed intruders breached the perimeter security fence and accessed the Nyabigena Open Cast Pit at North Mara.

The statement said unarmed private security contractors responded to repel the armed trespassers and subsequently requested the police to enter the site to remove the intruders from the pit.

It said during the operation one of the intruders was injured and that the police transported him to a nearby hospital for treatment, where he died due to his injuries.

The statement further said it was unclear how the intruder was fatally injured and that investigation of the incident has been requested from the authorities by North Mara Gold Mine

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