JWTZ, TAWIRI invent hand-grenade to frighten destructive elephants

By Lake Zone Watch Writer

The Morogoro-based Mzinga Corporation and the Tanzania Wildlife Research Institute (TAWIRI) in Arusha have teamed up to invent a cold bomb for chasing away elephants and other fierce animals invading human settlements.

The discovery of the bomb is a result of a series of studies conducted by the two institutions in seeking a solution to the problem of the destructive wild animals from invading both farms and people’s dwellings.

Defence Minister Dr Stegomena Tax, who inaugurated the new hand grenade in Dodoma yesterday, urged Mzinga Corporation to cooperate with other stakeholders in coming up with innovative ways of improving it.

Speaking at the same occasion, Deputy Minister for Natural Resources and Tourism, Dunstan Kitandula, said the invention of the bomb will greatly help reduce the current human-animal conflicts as the technology could also be exported to other African countries facing the same problem.

He said Tanzania is one of the few countries in the world with a huge wildlife population that attracts many tourists annually.

TAWIRI Director General, Dr Eblate Ernest Mjingo, thanked Mzinga Corporation for its innovative work which would ultimately serve the country’s much-needed foreign currency spent on importing explosives from abroad for chasing wild animals invading villages.

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