Historic Storm Hilary hits Los Angeles with heavy rains

Los Angeles, California

Tropical Storm Hilary is barrelling up through southern California where millions of people are under flash flood warnings.

It is California’s first such storm in 84 years- with torrential rains and winds lashing cities like Los Angeles and surrounding desert and mountainous areas.

Governor Gavin Newsom has declared a state of emergency while the US President has ordered federal workers into the area.

So far, one man has died, in Mexico’s Baja California peninsula. No other fatalities have been reported so far.

Officials have warned of “catastrophic and life-threatening flooding” through to Monday. LA and San Diego school districts have suspended classes and hundreds of flights have been cancelled.

Earlier, a 5.1 magnitude earthquake hit the region, rocking residents as they braced for Hilary’s approach. No significant damage has been reported.

Experts say recent abnormal weather events that have plagued the US – and other countries – have been influenced by human-caused climate change


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