Grumeti Reserves Ltd wins credit for spearheading tourism, conservation efforts

By Lake Zone Watch writer

Minister of Natural Resources and Tourism Angellah Kairuki has praised Grumeti Reserves Ltd for spearheading Tanzania’s conservation and tourism efforts and paying particular attention to investing in such key sectors of the national economy.

The minister gave the praise yesterday at the Julius Nyerere International Airport in Dar es Salaam when she held discussions with the Grumeti Reserves Ltd investor and American philanthropist, Paul Tudor Jones, on various issues of cooperation pertaining to conservation and tourism.

“We thank you for your assistance in conservation and the war against poaching; and also appeal for further help in procurement of necessary tools for village game scouts to enable us encounter fierce and destructive animals invading human settlements,” she said.

The minister pledged to work together with Grumeti Reserves Ltd in ending the emerging human and wildlife conflicts, particularly in villages located near Ikorongo-Grumeti Game Reserves and Ikona Wildlife Management Area (IKONA) in western Serengeti.

“We’re ready to build a fence in your area, but you should also educate and mobilise the people in knowing their basic rights, their contribution and what they would benefit,” the minister said.

The minister asked the Grumeti Reserves Ltd investor to continue with his corporate social responsibility to communities surrounding his game reserve to add value to forestry products such as honey and beeswax so that they can uplift their living standards.

Grumeti Reserves is an eco-tourism company that operates several world-class luxurious lodges in Western Serengeti which forms an integral part of the Serengeti ecosystem.

The company has created hundreds of jobs for the locals and it also supports conservation and community development activities in Western Serengeti.

On his part, Jones asked the government to give priority to the construction of a fence in an effort to contain the human and wildlife conflicts.

He also appreciated the existing good relations between his company and two state corporations; Tanzania National Parks(TANAPA) and Tanzania Wildlife Management Authority (TAWA).

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