‘Gold thief’ at Barrick North Mara appears in court, joins eight others

By Lake Zone Watch Writer

Thirty-year-old Raphael Matiku Zacharia, alias Rapha has appeared before the Tarime District Court charged with other eight persons of economic sabotage, including stealing of stones containing gold nuggets from the Barrick North Mara Gold Mine.

Rapha, mentioned as a businessman and resident of Bweri suburb in the Musoma Municipality, appeared in court today, July 5, 2023, and was joined with other eight accused persons.

Reading the charges before Senior Resident Magistrate, Stanley Mwakihaba, State Prosecutor Advocate Dotto Banga, assisted by another State Prosecutor Advocate Filbert Boniphace Mafuru, alleged that Rapha and his eight co-accused committed the said offences between April 28 and May 8, 2023, at the North Mara Gold Mine in Tarime district.

He named the accused as Emmanuel Joseph Mwita Stamina (32), Ghati Mumuncha Bale (38), Hamis Michael Marco Lucas Andrew Morani (36), Chacha Kirindo Mwita (35), Mangera Bina Chacha (40), Frank Dickson Nyaika (30), Abia Sasi Mama Neema (48) and Makenge Chacha Nyaisa (20).

In the first offence, Rapha is accused of leading a gang of criminals contrary to the law, and that between April 28 and May 8 2023, the accused stole at North Mara Gold Mine 3,798.4 grams of stones containing gold nuggets worth Sh 77,584,800/-.

In the second count, the accused are charged with illegal mining, auctioneering, and possessing the said minerals without valid permits.

The third count is possessing 3,798.4 grams of stones illegally worth 77,584,800/- and money laundering, while knowing the income was illegal.

The nine accused persons in the economic sabotage case No. 10/2023 are being defended by Advocate David Mwita, who was not required to enter any plea as the district court has no power in the administration of economic sabotage cases.

Senior Resident Magistrate Mwakihaba postponed the case until July 10.

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