Dr Manzungu scoops Excellence in Leadership award

By Special Correspondent

African Business Council Director Dr Tinashe Manzungu scooped the African Archivers Award under the Excellence in Leadership and Global Corporate Enterprise in Africa category.

Manzungu who is also a Board Director at Common Market for Eastern and Southern Africa (COMESA) was honoured with the award at the Houses of Parliament, the place of Westminster in the United Kingdom last week.He described the award as a unique challenge for him that furthers his ambition of contributing significantly in making Africa a hot spot for global markets.

“This is my first time receiving the African Archivers Awards and it came as a surprise. It is as an honour, coming from the whole continent-it is something that I then sit back and say, oh so people have been seeing what I have been doing. I also feel really under immense pressure to deliver more than before in order to continue with the honour, honouring the award and doing so in line with my desire of being part of Africa’s economic transformation, making the continent a hot spot for global market,” he said.

Manzungu said that the award also speaks volume on African projects that are having impact generally and the significance of good leadership in the overall success of these projects.

“As for Africa, this awards speaks for the potential that is within us and what we have to deliver, so the awards gives us the force to go forward. Going forward we will be looking to the issues to do with Africa Continental Free Trade Area, a machine that was designed to join in the 50 Nation, of course there are one or two countries that have not joined. So we are saying through free trade, we are going to make sure that Africa develops in all sectors,” he said

He said his award, which echoes his leadership skills, is a reminder of the importance of good leadership in Africa’s economic advancement. Manzungu also urged the young people in Africa to remain focused in order for them to become leaders that will transform the continent’s economy and socio-economic development.

“I encourage young people in Africa who desire to become global leaders to start younger, as early as they can.  In my career path, I have learnt that everything is very possible, one can create his or her own value stage by stage and not only by nepotism as many young people think. It is all about identifying your talent, have determination no matter how many times you may face failures or challenges, pick yourself up and remain focus on your vision. Do things that you know and be impactful because if you do something u don’t know it means you will want to train to be that something first before you actually do it and the chances of failure are higher than when you actual know about something.  It also means that you can easily get to your target easier than someone who does not know,” he said.  

The African Achievers Awards (AAA) is an annual event that aims to recognize and honour individuals, organizations, and institutions across various sectors for their outstanding contributions to the development and progress of Africa. According to the AAA, the awards ceremony serves as a platform to celebrate excellence, innovation, leadership, and positive impact in areas such as business, politics, arts and culture, sports, education, healthcare, and more.

The ceremony showcases and highlights success stories, promotes networking and collaboration, and serves as an inspiration for others to strive for excellence and make a difference in their respective fields.

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