Deputy Premier orders sacking of TPDC, TANESCO officials

By Lake Zone Watch writer

Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Energy, Dr Doto Biteko, has ordered the immediate sacking of the Communications Manager of the state-run Tanzania Petroleum Development Corporation (TPDC) for inefficiency and failure to hold face-to-face meetings with villagers surrounding the rich natural gas fields in the southern Mtwara region.

Mtwara region, bordering neighbouring Mozambique, is Tanzania’s major hope for the emerging gas economy which has attracted foreign investors in this East African second largest economy.

In a stern directive he gave yesterday, Dr Biteko also ordered the sacking of the Director of Customer Services of the country’s power utility, TANESCO, for his arrogance when it comes to responding to complaints or other issues raised by customers.

This is Dr Biteko’s first punitive action to rid organisations under his ministry of inefficient and insensitive leaders since he was elevated to such higher position.

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