Crime: TCCIA calls for tightened security in Mwanza

Tanzania Chamber of Commerce, Industries and Agriculture (TCCIA) has appealed to the  the government to install Close Circuit Television (CCTV) cameras to strengthen security within Mwanza city.

TCCIA Mwanza Regional Chairman Mr Gabriel Mugini Kenene said in an interview with Lake Zone Watch that installation of the security cameras was crucial in the fight against criminality.

He said it was of paramount importance to ensure that Mwanza residents in the central business district enjoy peace as they conduct their daily activities in the harsh economic environment to earn their living.

“We need to have a reinforced security system in our city just like it is the case in other cities in the country. This would attract investors and emerging businesses operators who value to work under a peaceful environment,” he said.

He also appealed for collaboration between the business community and the police force in order to devise common security mechanisms to ensure Mwanza becomes East Africa’s business hub.

Mr Kenene urged both the business community and investors to act as good ambassadors in wooing local and foreign investors to support government’s economic revival agenda.

Commenting on the matter, Mwanza Regional Police Commander SACP Wilbroad Mutafungwa said installation of CCTV cameras was a timely idea that the business community should make a reality.

He said his office has several strategies to ensure Mwanza city and the entire region remained peaceful to allow people to engage in their daily chores.

“The idea of installation of CCTV cameras is good and the business community should take it seriously as it is technically viable,” he said.

The regional police boss tasked traders to ensure their business premises remained secure all the time by employing professional security guards.

Mutafungwa said it was absurd to find business premises being guarded by aged militiamen instead of energetic young men who could face up to challenges of security patrols.

“Owners of business should employ competent security companies that will soon undergo verification by my office. Heads of police in districts should oversee the implementation of this exercise,” he directed.

All verified security companies meeting the set criteria shall be granted with special certificates of recognition before they are allowed to provide security services, he explained.

Mutafungwa revealed that the police force will introduce a new system whereby all private security guards will undergo scrutiny to determine their residential areas.

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