Compensation awaits villager whose 34 goats, sheep were killed by leopard in Western Serengeti

By Lake Zone Watch writer

A livestock owner at Robanda village in Serengeti district, Mechakobo Ketenana, whose 34 goats and sheep were recently killed by a marauding leopard, will now be paid 850,000/- as compensation, it has been revealed.

“He’ll be obliged to fill a form with the help of village leaders for compensation to be effected through normal procedures,” the Serengeti District Wildlife Officer, John Lendoyan, said in an interview this week.

He said according to the current compensation regulations, a goat or a sheep costs 25,000/-, meaning that Ketenana would be paid 850,000/- for the loss of his 34 goats and sheep.

On March 16 this year at 8:00 p.m., a leopard raided Robanda village on western Serengeti and killed the said animals. The fast-running cat was trapped by game officials and returned to the game reserve.

Robanda is among villages bordering the Ikorongo-Grumeti game reserves and the Serengeti National Park.

Meanwhile, wildlife officials are currently tracing another leopard which is said to be roaming and threatening the lives of Robanda villagers and their livestock in Western Serengeti.

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