CCM hails Hope for Girls anti- GBV efforts

National Chairperson for the ruling party CCM Parents’ Wing, Mr Fadhili Maganya on Friday visited Hope for Girls and Women in Tanzania centre, at Mugumu in Serengeti District, Mara Region and commended the NGO for standing firm and defending the rights of girls and women against Gender Based Violence.

Mr Maganya who is also a member of the party CCM’s Central Committee(CC)was particularly happy that girls wishing to pursue their education dreams were not deterred by outdated customs and traditional practices.

Hope for Girls and Women Tanzania owns two safe homes in Serengeti and Butiama districts which are a sanctuary for girls forced to flee their homes for fear of being subjected to Female Genital Mutilation (FGM).

For the campaign against GBV acts to bear fruit, the local NGO works NGO works hand in hand with the government through the Gender and Children Desk in the Police Force, Social Welfare and Social Development.

Available data show that so far, the organization has rescued nearly 4,000 girls from undergoing FGM in recent years in the Lake Zone region, where the harmful practice is still seen as an important culture.

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