Burundi underscores Russia’s role in forging nuclear medicine in Africa

By a Correspondent

Sochi, Russia

Burundi’s government has echoed Russia’s pivotal role in the development of nuclear energy across Africa.

Addressing various dimensions of nuclear cooperation in the Atomic expo 2024, Minister of Hydraulics, Energy, and Mines, Ibrahim Uwizeye, said Burundi’s aspirations was to harness nuclear medicine in collaboration with Russia.

He emphasized the transformative potential of this technology, highlighting its ability to enhance patient care while optimizing healthcare expenditures.

“In our country, cancer patients often seek treatment abroad due to resource constraints. The introduction of nuclear medicine promises a paradigm shift, enabling us to provide effective treatment locally and mitigate financial burdens associated with seeking medical care overseas,” said Minister Uwizeye.

Mr Uwizeye affirmed that the adoption of nuclear medicine would yield benefits not only for Burundians but also for the broader African population.

Reflecting on the significance of the Atomexpo-2024 forum, Minister Uwizeye emphasized its relevance for Africa, where a significant proportion of the population lacks access to reliable energy sources.

He underscored the urgent need for sustainable solutions to address energy, with nuclear energy emerging as a promising avenue for meeting Africa’s growing energy demands.

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