Bulyanhulu Gold Mine vows to protect its minerals against thieves

By Lake Zone Watch Writer

Bulyanhulu Gold Mine based in Kahama, Shinyanga Region has issued a statement clarifying on the gold haul which was seized by the police recently, vowing to protect its minerals against thieves.

The statement said Bulyanhulu Gold Mine’s security team intercepted what is believed to be gold bearing material in a bulldozer owned by one of the contractors at the main gate of the mine on 9th, August, 2023.

The team reported the matter to the police and the regional minerals officer.

“The material weighing 6,753 grammes was tested and the results showed that it contained gold, silver, copper, iron, nickel, iridium, manganese and zinc in varying quantities.,’’ said the statement.

The total value of the material was 9,213,116.13/-( approximately $3,400).

“The mine will not tolerate the pilferage of minerals and is committed to working with all state organs to ensure that the minerals in its licence area are always safeguarded,’’ said Cheick Sangare, Bulyanhulu Gold Mine General Manager.

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