Barrick North Mara Gold mine expansion: Many turn up for compensation

By Lake Zone Watch Writer

Compensation to villagers at Nyeheto in Tarime District, Mara Region is in full swing as many are now turning up to collect their dues.

Reports from North Mara Gold mine show that by last Tuesday, more than 600 villagers had taken their payments.  

Barrick Corporation set aside over 5.6bn/- for compensation to 1,808 villagers at Nyeheto. 

The villagers are being compensated in order to vacate the area and give way to expansion of North Mara gold mine activities, run in partnership with the government of Tanzania, through Twiga Minerals Corporation

 This latest development comes after a conflict pitting the mine against the villagers was solved amicably, according to Tarime District Commissioner (DC) Col. Michael Mntenjele.

The DC appealed to the villagers to hurry up and seize the unfolding opportunity in order to allow expansion of mining activities.

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