Barrick Gold Bulyanhulu teams up with NVeP in $10,000 donation to Buhangija

By Lake Zone Watch Writer

Barrick Gold Bulyanhulu Mine in collaboration with Nos Vies en Partage (NVeP) made a historic move recently after donating USD 10,000 (over 23m/-) to Buhangija Primary School in Shinyanga Region, which accommodates children with special needs.

NVeP is the brainchild of Barrick Corporation President and CEO, Mark Bristow, and its main objective is to support various groups of the needy, including women and children according to Bulyanhulu Gold mine General Manager (GM),Cheick Sangare.

Buhangija Primary School, situated on the outskirts of Shinyanga Municipality, is a safe haven for children with various physical disabilities, including albinism, the visually-impaired and the deaf.

Presenting a dummy check to the headmistress of the school, Fatuma Gilalah, Bulyanhulu Gold Mine GM said it was the wish of the company that the money helps improve the learning environment for Buhangija children.

It is heartening to see how Bulyanhulu mine cares for the less fortunate of society, even though they are far from its area of operations. So, the donation was not an obligation but a philanthropic gesture to the less privileged because Buhangija stands miles and miles away from Bulyanhulu.

Being what it is, the school admits children with various disabilities, but these are from poor families. So, generally, parents and guardians do not contribute to the welfare of their children. Some of the parents would not even look back,once they are sure their children have been accepted and enrolled in the school.

The challenges arise on how to feed, clothe and provide daily requirements, including beddings and school equipment to these children who face life challenges in such an exceptional way.

However, as Bulyanhulu Mine GM says, the company hopes the donation will bring some relief to the learning environment at the school. Certainly, to give credit where it is due, the mine surely deserves commendation for lending a hand to Buhangija children whose daily life is now set to change for the better. It will also be inspirational to the teaching staff whose dedication to work with these children requires chief patience.

Lest we forget, in another development, Bulyanhulu Gold Mine last month participated in the World Malaria Day in a special way. Kahama residents who flocked at the Kalokola grounds in Msalala Distrct Council, went home each with a treated mosquito net after attending a session on how best to protect themselves against malaria. Many will not forget this small but useful prize.

Suffice to say, at Bulyanhulu, we have a giant taxpayer investor who does not only care about his business but also has a heart for those living in the neibourhood and beyond.

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